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start your summer right with a sprain

May 29th, 2007 (10:23 am)
current song: amber-311

Because of a very stupid accident, I suffered a sprain which has been a hindrance to my supposed "celebration" of my vacation. I barely have a week left to spend my vacation, and here I am bumming myself in the uncomfort of my home. Living on a diet of french toast and tuna, for 4 days now I have been sitting my ass all day doing nothing but watch some boring shows on t.v. and surf the net. Thank God for the these technological advancements otherwise I could have just killed myself because of extreme boredom. I am itching to watch pirates or any movie but my friends won't reply to my text messages. (SHoutouts to artpaper, bamdv and sam_wildeve). Well, at least being a bum is somehow a part of having a "vacation" but I wish I can do something productive.

ANyways, I watched the Ms. Universe pageant a while ago and rooted for Ms. Korea or Ms. Japan, Ms. Japan won it, and Ms. Korea finsihed as 2nd Runner up. Although I rooted for Ms. Korea more, (honestly, I don't like the top 5 this year, why can't they find someone as pretty as Ms. Australia back in 2005?) I can accept Ms. Japan winning because at least, she was able to beat the overrated Ms. USA.

Watched game 3 and 4 of the Western Conference finals, I think the Spurs will get through, Utah has been an all Williams game, and they can't win it that way, I think it will be SA on the finals versus Detroit maybe, a classic match minus big Ben.

Enrollment starts at monday and since I only got 5 units out of 18 units that I enlisted in the online registration, I will have to endure the whole week of enrolling. in short, It Sucks.

I hope this sprain gets well soon, I'm runnning out of things to do.