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boy least likely to [userpic]


April 8th, 2007 (09:10 pm)

current mood: cranky
current song: kerpal-kick dog

two-weeks vacation. only two weeks. summer classes is about to start next week and still I have a hangover from the stress this second semester. A lot of events happened these past few weeks, events that are now causing burden to me and spoiling my supposed to be "vacation".

1. I was able to pass my paperS(yes, with an S) on time, but, unfortunately, they are of low quality. I am not satisfied with my work. I resorted to cramming due to "other" requirements line up as well.

2. Someone crashed at my car. Oo, isang tangang lalaki ang bumangga sa kotse ko. Last day of classes, shit, last day of class na nga, may bumangga pa sa akin. totally not my fault. eto pa, gusto niya kong papuntahin sa novaliches, wtf!? anlayo nun ah, ano ka sira? ako pa papupuntahin mo ng novaliches. So we exchanged numbers and addresses, and sabi naman niya he'll pay for the damage he caused. BUT! eto cya ngayon, nagtatago, I mean, f*** pare, maayos ang usapan natin, tapos ganito gagawin mo. !@#$%^&*( ka, pag ikaw pinuntahan ko sa novaliches, masasapak talaga kita. (for more details on this story, just call me).

3. I'm still not yet sure if I'm gonna pass or fail my math, results will be posted on monday or tuesday. I've never been this nervous before.

Talk about a series of unfortunate events. I just want to get over these things, so I can finally have my "vacation".


Posted by: Richelle Antipolo (maverette04131)
Posted at: April 9th, 2007 03:08 pm (UTC)

oh man sorry about your car. It's kinda cool to see a tagalog post on lj. I love reading tagalog even though I suck at it and don't understand half of it. I never realized how hard filipino langages are until I try to speak it and i just bust out with spanish and japanese. So when I talk to my filipino friend I talk to her in tagalog-illocano-spanish-japanese like in one sentence.

Posted by: boy least likely to (ptochoi)
Posted at: April 10th, 2007 01:41 am (UTC)

I figured I could express myself more If I wrote in tagalog, besides, there are only I think two of you who are my friends here in LJ that are based in the US, most of my friends live here. Well anyway, what happened to my car is that, this stupid guy who crashed it said that he was gonna pay the damages so he gave me his number. I trusted him but what happened now is that he won't answer my calls, seems that he's running away from me. Well, that's life I guess. I'll probably go to the address that he gave me, talk to him, maybe I'll tell him I'l call the cops if he won't pay me.
Hey, I'm Ilocano too, my dad's Ilocano, but I don't knowhow to speah it. haha. I wanna hear some of that tagalog-ilocano-spanish-japanese like sentence you're saying, haha. As for my math, let's just say that studying in the oh-so-popular University of the Philippines is not a walk in the park. I guess I just can't get along with numbers well.haha
wow, what a long reply.haha..

GO MAVS! we're gonna win it this time..

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